Airlines - Broaden Your Customer Base

Nervous flyers are a wealth of untapped potential. With between 1 to 2.5 billion potential customers having a fear of flying, the opportunity to increase your revenue is huge. And it’s not just them. That’s a lot of people not flying who could be filling your seats.

Broaden Your Customer Base And Loyalty With The SimpliFly Package.

With SIMPLIFLY you will provide a unique solution for an identified customer group, which will become loyal to an airline that addresses their most frightening anxiety

•Unique solution to identified market
•Brand innovation
•Brand values – be the first choice for fearful flyers
•Be one of the first airlines to offer SIMPLIFLY

Why should airlines help fearful flyers?

According to ABC News, almost 25% of Americans fear flying and further research in Australia reveals that 37% of Australians dread air travel as well. This suggests that globally, there are millions of potential flyers avoiding air travel.

Now, let’s assume that only a portion of these individuals would otherwise be flying. Some of them might even fly regularly if it weren’t for their fear of flight.
Each one of these individuals influences their families. Either they all fly, or no one flies. So, the entire family decides to go on a short trip or vacation by driving rather than flying to a better, but further away place. By reaching those potential customers who have a fear of flying, airlines can increase sales by considerable numbers when we include those family members, as well.

Building Customer Loyalty.

This is also a keyway to increase customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is crucial to any business, as it is vital to keeping customers returning. A fearful passenger who experiences a good flight will most certainly develop loyalty to an airline. It’s important to understand that the fear of flying causes severe anxiety. These individuals face a deadly fear and the way you treat them matters. This single experience will either keep them from flying with you or lead them to become extremely loyal to your airline.

The SimpliFly Package for Airlines
Our program provides your airline with the ability to give its customer a complete solution to experience a pleasant flight.

Before the Flight.

The SimpliFly mobile app provides the customer with a full video course which includes more than 2 hours of video clips. This course walks the user, step-by-step, through all the relevant points that can support a calm and positive experience. This course has proven, demonstrated success, with approximately 88% of participants reporting a dramatic, positive change in their fear.

This app also includes:
Auditory support: clips to help support the flyer while on-board, Map and tracking: A moving map with weather overlay to show the passengers the expected weather along their intended flight track (will be available soon)
Chat support: Any time that the user has an internet connection, they can get online help from one of the SimpliFly pilots, Preflight contact: If the user has access to the airline’s version of SimpliFly, the airline is able to contact a passenger pre-flight, to provide them with relevant information and support to ease the flying experience.