Become the lifeline your passengers rave about

Developed by an airline captain – NO COST for the airports

What’s at stake?

Close to 30% of the population is afraid to fly. While some simply avoid air travel, many are suffering through their journeys from airport to airport. These passengers occasionally cause delays by refusing to embark, distracting and preoccupying your busy airport staff.

SimpliFly’s mobile application

Well before their next flight, your passengers can start using SimpliFly, taking its proven course, and chatting online with a pilot.  

What happens next? They arrive at the airport relaxed. Or they start the process at their gate and complete it during their flight. (They’ll have a bag of pretzels with a side of tranquility.)

What’s in SimpliFly?

1. A full-length video course that helped thousands of fearful flyers to overcome their anxiety and fly
2. Audio clips with focused information and relaxation exercises
3. Relevant, informative articles covering frequently asked questions.
4. An industry-first chat-with-a-pilot service, with SimpliFly’s international network of pilots
5. Your airport’s section featuring on-brand information you want to present for general audiences, including engaging multimedia and text content, and direct links to your website.

Passengers use your airport’s custom coupon code to unlock:
1. Full premium access to SimpliFly’s course and app media FREE for a limited time
2. A white-labeled mobile app branded to your airport
3. A display featuring relevant airport information selected by your team.

How can your airport provide SimpliFly to passengers?

There’s NO cost to you.

Tell us what airport specific information you want the users to see on the app.
We’ll mutually define how your passengers interact with this unique and innovative service.
The whole process takes just a few business days!

New feature roadmap

We’re constantly developing our app; very soon, we’ll release new features like in-airport navigation, providing information on flights, helpful maps and other goodies.

Need something else? We’re happy to listen to your ideas and help your airport deliver a stellar customer experience for all passengers.

Interested? Set up a brief call with our founders today.